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2015 Presentations

XX Annual Meeting Presentations


icon 20 Years of the Wildlife Without Border-Mexico Program: Current Mexican Conservation Priorities and New Model Development of Binational Cooperation (816.42 kB)

icon 100 Years of Migratory Bird Conservation (1916-2016) (1002.29 kB)

icon A Trilateral Vision for 21st Century Bison Conservation (6.72 MB)

icon Annual Report of Program for Endangered Species Conservation (PROCER) (315.08 kB)

icon Arizona Ecological Services Office México Program (7.19 MB)

icon Black-footed Ferret Recovery Program (7.05 MB)

icon California condor Captive Breeding Program at Chapultepec Zoo (1.12 MB)

icon California condor Recovery Program – Baja (11.27 MB)

icon California condor Recovery Program – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (1.24 MB)

icon Canada's Monarch Management Plan under the Species at Risk Act (2.12 MB)

icon Citizens Science Monitoring in Mexico (2.46 MB)

icon Codorniz Mascarita – Program de Recuperacíon Bi-Nacional entre E.U. y México (2.37 MB)

icon Connecting Conservation – Griffin Groups for the Trilateral Committee (2.29 MB)

icon Coordination, Management and Visualization of Monitoring Data in the Avian Knowledge Network (1.68 MB)

icon Conservation Area Network of the Monarch Butterfly Migratory Route in Mexico (2.23 MB)

icon Curtailing Avian Impacts with Wind Turbines Using GSM/GPS Tracking Telemetry that Incorporates Autonomous Geofence Alerts (4.55 MB)

icon Demographic Monitoring and Migratory Connectivity: Linking Canada, the U.S. and Mexico (4.01 MB)

icon Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative: Climate-Smart Landscape Conservation Planning and Design (2.71 MB)

icon El Cajón Bonito. Refuge for Fresh Water Species (1.45 MB)

icon Full Annual-Cycle Integrated Population Monitoring for Grassland Birds (2.64 MB)

icon Future of Condor Recovery in Mexico (504.04 kB)

icon Genetic Traceability of Wild and Captive –reared Totoaba Stocks: A Tool for Population Recovery Assessment and Law Enforcement (3.94 MB)

icon Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) (194.37 kB)

icon Jaguar Recovery in the Northwestern Recovery Unit (2014-2015) (3.09 MB)

icon Joint Venture, Bird Conservation Plan Partnership, NABCI Bird Partnership Workshop (572.17 kB)

icon Landscape Conservation Cooperatives - Working Across Borders (2.92 MB)

icon Las Californias Binational Conservation Initiative 2004-2014 (8.97 MB)

icon Letter of Intent on Bat Conservation (294.39 kB)

icon Mexican Wolf Recovery Program - U.S. (2.59 MB)

icon Mexico's Progress and Results (2014-2015) (8.77 MB)

icon Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (2.41 MB)
icon Monarchs and Farm Bill Conservation Programs (13.43 MB)

icon Monitoreo y Manejo de la Poblacíon Reintroducida de Lobo Mexicano (9.59 MB)

icon North American Invasive Species Risk Assessment Coordination and Cooperation (2.16 MB)

icon Ocelot and Other Wildcat Conservation Project, Rancho El Zarco, Tamaulipas, Mexico (12.39 MB)

icon Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy (1.74 MB)

icon Protecting Migratory Birds Using Conservation Business Plans (4.5 MB)

icon Reintroducíon del Cóndor de California en el Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, B.C. (7.8 MB)

icon Sonoran Pronghorn Recovery Update (7.16 MB)

icon Sustainable Standards for Bird Conservation (5.37 MB)

icon The Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Business Strategy – A Call to Action (369.17 kB)

icon The Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative- Mexico’s Perspective (1.29 MB)

icon The Migratory Dragonfly Partnership: Discoveries about Dragonfly Migration in North America (6.77 MB)

icon The Milkweed Seed Market: Availability, Production Challenges and Strategies for Growth (9.96 MB)

icon The Southern Wings Program – A Partnership of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies (4.51 MB)

icon The State of North America’s Bird Report 2016 (949.42 kB)

icon Training for Conservation (1.39 MB)

icon Trilateral Committee Island Initiative (5.17 MB)

icon Tri-national Management of Migratory Bird Data (93.14 kB)

icon Twenty Years of Monarch Outreach, Conservation and Research at the Montreal Insectarium (3.9 MB)

icon United States Presidential Memorandum on Pollinator Health (1.25 MB)

icon U.S. and Mexico Border Governors Conference (1.87 MB)

icon U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Migratory Bird Management and Landscape Conservation Cooperative on Alaska: Science for the Conservation of Migratory Birds (2.45 MB)

icon U.S. Monarch Butterfly Conservaton Strategy: An Overview (597.98 kB)

icon U.S. NABCI Monitoring Subcommittee Updates (1.07 MB)

icon Update – Implementation of the North American Rabies Management Plan (17.19 MB)

icon Update on Ocelot Recovery Actions (2.63 MB)

icon Using Priority Species to Strengthen Biodiversity Conservation in Mexico (1.82 MB)

icon Valuation of Ecosystem Services in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (2.09 MB)

icon Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Grasslands Initiative (10.35 MB)

icon Western Monarch Conservation (15.98 MB)